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Suspension type Magnets

KUMAR Suspension a type Magnets are useful for products carried by the Conveyor belt.

Suspension Type Magnets use is recommended for low contamination products. If the frequency of the impurities is very much, it will make a layer shunting magnetic field. Hence, the required frequent cleaning.

Over band type Magnetic Separator is recommended for this type of application. The principal applications are for processing of bulk products such as Culets, Glass, Coffee, Cereals, Minerals, Coal and Sugar etc.,


INSTALLATION KUMAR magnets can be installed at the end of belt above the head drum (Image-1) or across the Conveyor belt (Image-2).

To avoid disturbances to the magnetic field, in both cases, the magnetic parts must be placed below the surface of the magnet.

IThe installation shown in Image-1 is recommended for high speeds. Due to trajectory of the products and the fact that it is then fluidized, separation is more efficient.

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