Hopper Magnets

Kumar Hopper Magnets provide an efficient magnetic filtering to any hopper-fed injection moulding, blow molding, extruders, cattle feed plants, flour mills rice mills etc. Made up of high corecivity, permanent magnets sealed in non magnetic tubes they provide better magnetic filtering due to their high magnetic flux density. They are designed to fit in any size of hopper. No need to make any cumbersome attachment or alteration to fix it in your hopper. Easy to clean and no maintenance, cost Makes it really a very convenient and reliable filter, providing constant magnetic protection at a low cost to your and preventing expensive shut downs and delays.

Catalogue No. Shape Size in M. M. Diameter No. of Magnetic Rods
KI 741 Square 150x150 2x38 m.m.
KI 742 Square 200x200 2x38 m.m.
KI 743 Square 250x250 3x38 m.m.
KI 744 Square 300x300 4x38 m.m.
KI 745 Round Dia 150 2x38 m.m.
KI 746 Round Dia 200 2x38 m.m.
KI 747 Round Dia 250 3x38 m.m.
KI 748 Round Dia 300 4x38 m.m.

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