Pot Magnet

Pot Magnet

Pot Magnets consists of magnet material enclosed in a metal 'pot'. The pot is an essential part of the magnetic Circuit. Pot magnets fix Ferro-magnetic items quickly and easily in the desired place. These magnet systems have only one surface of magnetic attraction and all the other sides are non-magnetic. This form of construction restricts the further spreading of magnetic field. Due to this, other items or the machine parts near the pot magnet do not become magnetized.

Pot magnets retain their magnet force permanently. However, increase in temperature and external magnetic fields can reduce their magnetic force.

The drawer magnets are available with either Ferrite Magnets or with High Intensity Rare Earth Equipments & NdFeB Magnets.

Alnico Pot Magnets

Technical details

  • Up to 450° C; - 'Real fire-eaters' with high temperature resistance capacity.
  • Housed in a steel pot with an intermediate layer of non-magnetisable material (brass or aluminum).
  • Can be applied at temperatures up to 450° C, though a decrease in force between 30 to 40% must be taken into account. The decrease is automatically recovered once the pot magnet returns to room temperature.
  • Fastening - pressed, glued or screwed.

Alnico Pot Magnets are very strong Permanent Magnets with great temperature resistance capacity and are applicable up to a temperature of 450o C. They are fixed in a steel pot having non-magnetized materials like brass or aluminum in between. The magnetic force gets reduced at high temperature; however it is restored as the pot magnets get cooled in room temperature. The alnico pot magnets are available in different sizes and shapes. These magnets are used mainly for gripping applications. The outer surface of the magnets can be either painted or coated with Nickel, Zinc or Chrome.

Ceramic Pot Magnets

Technical details

  •  Upto 200° C - applied for a wide range of applications.
  •  Fixed in a steel pot, which screens off the magnetic field.
  •  CIts limited interior dimensions offer structural advantages.
  •  The Ceramic magnetic material is low priced.


Based on the applications and designs, alnico pot magnets are divided into following types

  •  Alnico Deep Pot Magnet.
  •  Alnico Shallow Pot Magnet.
  •  Alnico Magnetic Holdfast.
  •  Alnico Magnetic Foot.
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