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Liquid Trap Magnets

Liquid Trap Magnets are those engineering device that removes ferrous tramp from liquid processing and conveying lines. Liquid magnetic traps separators provide magnetic protection for liquid lines and processing s. They preserve product purity by removing small contaminants.

They protect against tramp iron and other ferrous fine contaminations. It consists of powerful magnets to capture finest possible contaminants. Magnetic configuration ensures maximum exposure of contamination to the high intensity tubes without any obstruction to liquid flow.



For non fibrous fluids cartridge-style liquid traps are ideal. These types of separators are utilized where the size of the contaminants is few diameters and pose no risk of clogging. When the liquid is forced towards the tightly spaced grid, the contaminants come in the effect of magnetic field, which is extracted from the liquid flow by High Intensity Rare Earth Equipments. The contaminants are held on the cartridge surfaces, which is later removed.


Single plate magnet style liquid traps are effective and efficient in removing ferrous particles from viscous and fibrous liquids and liquids containing large suspended solids. The contaminants are thrusted to the magnetic plates where they are held. The magnetic field is strong enough to trap and protect the tramp materials from the wiping action of the liquid flow. The cleaning is done by removing the plate magnets from the housing and wiping the ferrous tramp to the edge of the plate, where it can easily be brushed away.


Dual plate magnet has diverter that creates a smooth flow pattern that protects fragile products from damage. The diverter also divides the product flow over two plate magnets. Thus even the flow rate is higher the dual plate traps can effectively handle it easily. The flow rate can be slowed thereby giving more magnetic protection. Also more contaminants are exposed to the magnetic field in the dual plate magnetic liquid traps.


  •  The liquid trap magnets are equipped with powerful Rare Earth Magnets of high-intensity there by capturing even the minutest ferrous fines.
  •  The trap magnets come in different forms like single plate, dual plate cartridge's type etc.
  •  They are easy to mount and operate.
  •  The liquid trap magnets are housed in stainless steel structure.
  •  The entire flow of the liquid is covered by the cartridge in cartridge liquid magnets which creates strong magnetic force and captures the tramp iron and ferrous particles.


  •  Food Industry
  •  Pharmaceutical
  •  Chemical product flows
  •  Rubber Industry
  •  Plastic Industry
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