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Permanent Magnetic Drum


The permanent Drum Separators are available in standard drum diameters of 300 mm, 400 mm & 450 mm. Drum length range from 300mm to 1200mm. Other sizes can be made as special to your requirement. The larger diameter and length of the drum the greater is the volume of material Which can be handled.


The Permanent Magnetic Drum consists of a stationary Permanent Magnetic assembly having uniform and everlasting Magnetic field accross the entire width of drum, which is effective over approximately half the drum circumference as shown in Fig.

Drum Shell made of non Megnetic stainless steel revolves around the magnetic field. As the material fed evenly from the chute falls over the drum, powerful magnetic field attracts and holds ferrous particles to the revolving shell as the revolving shell carries the Iron particlesthrough the stationary magnetic field the non-magnetic meterials falls frelly from the shell while ferrous particles are firmly held until carried beyond devider and out of magnetic field.

The strength of the permanent magnetic drum is guaranteed to be greater than corresponding electromagnetic drum, The Permanent magnets & Rare Earth Magnets used are everlasting magnets and its strength does not diminish during normal use and can be used through out the life of the installation.

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