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Inline Drum Type Magnetic Separators

Inline Magnetic Separators are available for installation in the Feed lines such as at the outlet of elevator, screw conveyor etc. Flanged type Inlet and outlet connections are provided. The Magnetic Drum incorporates High Intensity stroncium / Rare Earth Magnets. These are widely used for Cattle Feed Plants, Flour Mills, Rice Mill, Minerals, Refractories, Glass and many other Products.

Salient Features

  • Drum consists of High Coercivity modern Anisotropic Permanent Magnets.
  • Strong & Rugged construction.
  • Automatic Separation of Iron Impurities.
  • Completely enclosed design to avoid dusting and air pollution.

Rotary Drum Magnetic Saparator

Solid waste incinerator fuel is pre-classified by passing it through a hollow rotating cylindrical drum which has magnetic extensions called flights protruding from the inside of the drum wall along its length. The drum may also have a first set of non-magnetic flights towards one end protruding further from the wall toward the center or axis of the drum. Then a second non-magnetic portion on the other side of the magnetic flights along the length of the drum. The magnetic flights attract particles and material subject to magnetic attraction. The ends of the first set of non-magnetic flights towards the middle of the length of the drum are preferably shaped or rounded somewhat lengthwise. A scraper assembly preferably having two material removal channels or chutes in addition to a scraper blade, may be arranged to extend into an exit end of the drum. The scraper blade removes magnetic or iron particles from the magnetic flights as the drum rotates. These are carried out of the drum via a first of the two channels, with the non-magnetic non-combustibles being carried out via a second channel.

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