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“KUMAR” Permanent Magnetic Grids (Grill Magnets) are designed primarily for fitting in Hoppers for removal of small particles of ferrous metal from free-flowing powders and granular materials when processed. Magnetic Grills manufactured to any size or shape, they are simply placed in or below hoppers, in closed chutes, floor openings, catch bins, and other locations. Open Grate Magnets are available in round, square, and rectangular shapes to fit your equipment. These grids encased totally in stainless steel for rigorous handling are often used in hoppers in the plastics industry.

For an even higher level of protection, double and triple banked grids can be manufactured. All grids are available with either ferrite or powerful rare earth magnets that are recommended for fine ferrous particles such as rust etc.

Easily installable highly effective and consistent performance magnetic surfaces can be easily cleaned manually.  Standard grids have 25mm (1 inch) mesh can be manufactured to any size or shape double or triple banked grids available.  Powerful Rare Earth (Neodymium iron boron) magnets available for fine particles.


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